• Feel like you don't have a purpose in life.

  • Stuck in bitterness because of decisions you made or someone made against you.

  • Don't know how to get unstuck from your current situation.

  • Surrounded by toxic and negative relationships

  • Losing your battle with depression and anxiety.


  • Feeling purposeful with clear direction for your life.

  • Feel in control of your anxiety and depression

  • Experiencing complete freedom from your past

  • Have the ability to break free from your toxic habits and toxic people.

A Personalized Coaching Plan for You

I offer a 6-week coaching package that is made to help you exponentially grow into the person you always knew you could become. Together we will learn to mention the struggles we are facing, manage them through healthy habits and positive reinforcement, and master ourselves so that we continue to overcome the obstacles we may have in the future.

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Dirty&Divine | 6 Week Intensive

  • Weekly 60-minute Coaching Sessions

  • All Available Tools and Guides

  • 42 Journal Prompts

  • 24 Hour Direct Access

  • My presence and support throughout our whole time together.


"You are a beautiful design of both dirty and divine."

- Zach

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Three-Step Process

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Mr. Rodgers once said, "Anything human in mentionable and anything mentionable is tolerable. We first must learn to talk honestly about the things going on inside of us. True progression only exists within honest conversation.


Once we find safety in speaking about our fears, doubts, and struggles, we can then learn to remove, control, and/or harness them for a more positive outcome in our lives. We begin revolutionizing our whole health for the better. It's a beautiful thing when we learn to control the things once controlling us.


We finish our time together learning how to continue growing through the struggles that may comes. Healthy thoughts become healthy habits and then they become a healthy lifestyle.  We move from being reactive to being proactive with our overall health. Now we are winning at life.

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Why Should You Work With Me?

I was a pastor for 10 years and have tons of experience counseling individuals looking to move on from their past and into a better future. I have been drug-free for over 12 years and have successfully learned to wrestle with major anxiety and depression throughout my life. I'm also a certified personal trainer and have my certification in nutrition. I believe that YOU, yes you, can move on from your past, find more joy and peace in the present, and build a better future. 


If you work with me, I promise I will give you everything I have to move you into a healthier place.


Let me help you get there! 

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