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Who I am

My name is Zach Childress. I grew up in the heart of North Carolina. I was never connected to a church and started derailing my life as a high school student. By the time I was sixteen years old I had developed an addiction to pills, a love for alcohol, and a crumbling morality. 

I was invited by a friend to church during my senior year of high school. I was hesitant, but I showed up. Over the next few months, Jesus broke down my walls and started capturing my heart. It took years for me to fully understand how to grow my faith and my relationship with Jesus. Once I figured it out, my life has never been the same

Like most, I've had difficult battles, but I love helping people understand their relationship with Jesus and how to fight the challenges that life brings. Watching people experience God's grace and live in his power is what I live for.

I do this by communicating with clear illustrations and storytelling. I have a strong gift of empathy that allows me to connect with people on their level and bring them closer to God.



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