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About Dirty Devotional

My name is Zach. I know I'm supposed to tell you about me, but first I want to talk about you. If you have any type of faith, then you know it's complicated. No matter how hard you try to ignore the contradictions and hypocrisy, it all feels...messy. How do you believe in a divine power while living in a dirty world with messy problems? Can they both exist?

If that's you, then you and I are a lot alike. I am a recovering addict that still struggles with wanting pills. I battle severe anxiety and depression to the point of a failed suicide attempt. I've been extremely wounded by the church, yet I truly believe God is still good. After twelve years of following Jesus, I have more questions, more frustrations, and am still trying to learn how to balance my life with my faith.

Let's get dirty together.


"A messy life requires a dirty faith."

Dirty Devotional